Jan Dodge

is proud that as a freshman legislator she successfully worked to get three bills passed:


LD 167 - Anti Food Shaming in Maine Schools

 LD 176 - Act to Allow an Active Teacher to sit on the State Board of Education

 LD 1878 - Resolve to study the use of Adjunct Professors in the College System

A Fourth Bill

LD 414, to provide an Intensive Case Manager for each county to use in a jail or reentry center was still pending when the Legislature ended its session in March.

Jan has co-sponsored many other bills. 

Here are a few that illustrate her beliefs & bipartisan work.

LD 1025 - w/Assistant Majority Leader, Rep. Ryan Fecteau - D - Biddeford - An Act to Prohibit Conversion Therapy to Minors

LD 2121 - W/Rep. Sarah Pebworth - D - Blue Hill - Task Force to Study Coordination of Services and Expansion of Education, Programming for Young Adults With Disabilities

LD 1193 - w/Senator Erin Herbig - D Waldo - Resolve Directing Maine Community College System to Evaluate the Need to Expand Workforce Training in Waldo County.

LD 1641 - w/Senator Erin Herbig - D - Waldo - An Act to Strengthen the School Transportation Workforce

LD 128 - w/Rep. Will Tuell - R - East Machias - Support of Downeast Correctional Facility

LD 160 - w/Sen. Matt Pouliot - R- Augusta - Add Personal Finance to the Maine Learning Results

LD 1858 - w/Rep. David McCrea - D - Fort Fairfield - An Act to Protect Teachers from Professional Teacher Certificate Endorsement Changes

LD 224 - w/Rep. Norm Higgins - I Dover-Foxcroft - An Act to fund the Municipal Gigabit Broadband Network Access Fund

LD 259 - w/Sen. Dave Miramant - D- Camden - 55% Funding of Education

Jan Dodge sits on the

Education and Cultural Affairs Committee.


She has a 100% voting record with the following organizations:


        Maine Conservation Voters

        Planned Parenthood

        Maine Women's Lobby

        Maine State Employees Association    

        Democracy Maine

        The League of Women Voters

        Maine Citizens for Clean Elections

        Maine People's Alliance


Civil and Human Rights

I will work to promote social justice.  To that end I support the 8cantwait.org goals for law enforcement reform.


I will continue to show respect for all, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

Drug Crisis

Alcohol and drug addiction are diseases. Treatment facilities and programs are desperately needed. State revenue projections are up. Part of this money should be used to restore tobacco settlement money that was diverted away from substance abuse prevention programs


Support and promote Local Businesses, farms, food sovereignty and the creative economy.


House District 97 voted in favor of Question 2, the "Stand -Up For Students Referendum. Fund Education at 55%. PERIOD! School environment improved through guidance counselors, school psychologists, restorative justice and inclusion programs


Support energy conservation and renewable energy development. No offshore drilling for Maine! Reduce fossil fuel consumption. Increasing energy efficiency in housing stock will help create jobs. LD 1444 - Large Scale Solar Procurement is a beginning. Conservation efforts should be celebrated, not taxed!


Protect and preserve our parks, bay, working waterfronts and shore access. Respect the science confirming global warming and work to reduce its impact.

Farm & Food

Support farmland protection and expansion of local food production tied to rivers and ocean; promote food justice.

Gun Control

Background checks and information sharing between agencies. All sales through a registered gun dealer. Ban on all assault weapons and bump stocks. Mandatory training before ownership legal age for purchase 21.

Property Taxes

I'm working to support several mechanisms to stabilize House District #97 property taxes and seek clarification on why Belfast's thriving downtown, new businesses and employment level have not eased our property taxes. 

Learn about Northport and Waldo property tax rates.  Support 55% funding of education which will reduce the need for local funding.  Investigate the rate at which the state is sharing monies from the sales tax and other revenues with municipalities of origin.  Seek advice  from local and state leaders.  I have several ideas for bills to deal with this issue. 

Health Care

Access to quality healthcare is a basic human right. Most civilized countries have some form of universal/single payer health care. The Maine AllCare model should be investigated. Prescription drug costs are skyrocketing. This problem requires special attention due to our aging population. Prescription Benefit Managers may be contributing to our problem in Maine. Women must have access to a broad range of reproductive care and allowed to make decisions about medical treatment choices.


Workers must have safe working conditions, a fair living wage, collective bargaining rights and retirement benefits.

Public Transportation

Funding mechanisms and delivery systems will help broaden our area public transportation options. Through a targeted need identified through the Aging Well In Waldo County Survey, improvements will benefit all citizens. LD 1248 from the Maine Transportation Authority is a bill to help achieve this.

School Safety

Our schools are no place for any sort of weapons. I support legislation to provide positive school environments through guidance counselors and school psychologists as well as safety improvements for our school buildings.

Senior Citizen Issues

Improving our communities for older citizens will improve our communities for all.

Uphold Referenda 

Education funding, Medicaid expansion, affordable healthcare for all and upholding voter approved referenda.


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