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Thank you!

Thank you for electing me to a second term serving House District #97 Belfast-Northport-Waldo!

Please keep in touch on issues that matter to you!  

Jan Dodge

is proud that as a freshman legislator she successfully worked to get three bills passed:

LD 167 - Anti Food Shaming in Maine Schools

 LD 176 - Act to Allow an Active Teacher to sit on the State Board of Education

 LD 1878 - Resolve to study the use of Adjunct Professors in the College System

A Fourth Bill

LD 414, to provide an Intensive Case Manager for each county to use in a jail or reentry center was still pending when the Legislature ended its session in March.

Covid 19 

 We have recently entered phase four of Maine's reopening plan.  For better citizen health protection, COVID-19 reduction and lowered disease metrics, mask requirements are now statewide.


Here is a link to locate COVID-19 testing sites:



On Friday, May 1, the “Stay Healthy at Home” order was replaced with a “Stay Safer at Home” order. That order includes a four-stage strategy for “Restarting Maine’s Economy.” The stages focus not on “essential” versus “non-essential” business designations like those used to originally limit commercial operations and activities, but on the ability of a business to operate or an activity to occur in a manner that protects public health and safety. 


As the Administration gradually eases restrictions on some businesses and activities, protective protocols will also be implemented. Stage 1 will take place in May, and we anticipate Stage 2 to take place in June, Stage 3 in July and August, and Stage 4 is yet to be determined. Of course, all of these timelines may be subject to change should the public health situation require it. You can read a detailed version of the plan at this website, and I have included critical details of Stage 1 below, which begins tomorrow.


I know that seeing a timeline that includes some restrictions remaining in place until fall is difficult to process. But it is because of our state’s detailed response to COVID-19 and our collaborative adherence to each mandate that Maine has experienced lower pandemic numbers than other states of similar size and population density. We have kept each other safe, and if we keep fighting this virus together, we can get our economy through this, too.

I’m sure there are a lot of questions about how these stages will unfold. I will do my best to provide more details and to keep you updated on changes, but please also reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns you have. I also know that many of us will need help navigating these changing circumstances, and I am here to provide that to you in any way I can.


BELFAST — Waldo County Cares sponsored a women's march and rally that ended in the parking lot of the Waldo County Judicial Center Sunday, Oct. 18, to honor a recently deceased feminist heroine and call for social justice


Speakers at the event included Belfast poet Karin Spitfire, Ivy Lovato, Maine House 97 Rep. Jan. Dodge, D-Belfast, and Nicole Littrell of New Hope for Women. Maryjane Viano Crowe, who attended, said she thought the crowd numbered about 100.


Jesse Lucas, a New Hope for Women prevention educator who was there, said the rally was timed to coincide with similar events across the country last weekend in honor of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Sunday marked one month since Ginsburg's passing.

Funding our Future 

as printed in the Republican Journal

By Rep. Jan Dodge, D-Belfast | Oct 10, 2019

Recently, the governor called the Legislature into a special session to consider a number of bond packages that included investments in our transportation, infrastructure, renewable energy, broadband and conservation. Although I am pleased that the transportation bond will go to voters, I am disappointed to report that the others will not. Transportation is the only bond that will be on the ballot this November.


As a legislator, there is no harder decision to make than what we as a state spend our money on. I understand and value the argument of fiscal conservatism, but I also believe we must make wise investments in programs and systems that can better the lives of Mainers. It is important to me that, when we passed our state budget, we put $18 million in our “Rainy Day” fund and made reductions to the original proposal. We must be practical with our state’s money and putting some aside is one way to do that.


While saving our money is important, the harsh reality is that in order for us to improve our state, we must do some spending to invest in our future. Elected officials on both sides of the aisle speak passionately about a variety of issues that need support — addressing the unmet needs of our aging population and our schools come to mind as examples.


Of course it is true that money does not grow on trees, but it’s also true that a financial commitment on our part can activate needed federal funds. I believe we should capitalize on getting back the federal taxes Maine citizens pay to improve our lives.

My doctor has assured me that the money I’ve invested in quality running shoes and orthotics over years has helped keep my knees in good enough shape to click around the State House in my high heels. In other words, wise expenditures are important to make!

We cannot have safe bridges and fix our potholes without spending money. We cannot take care of our elderly without paying long-term care workers fairly and investing in programs that support our aging population. We cannot provide a quality education without spending money to improve our schools and pay our teachers and we cannot combat climate change without investing money in forms of renewable energy.


We need to take care of one another and this means saving our money wisely and spending it wisely. As we head into the next legislative session, we must maintain a positive fiscal situation and remember “Dirigo,” meaning “I lead,” as we invest in Maine and its citizens for today and tomorrow.

Democratic Rep. Janice Dodge is serving her first term in the Maine House, representing District 97 (Belfast, Northport and Waldo). She lives in Belfast.


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